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When Lawn Hogz services your lawn, we will provide thorough timely service every time.

The price you pay is determined by services needed and square footage of your lawn.

Please take the time to review our services below and the quality of service we have to offer!




1. We mow your lawn with a professional grade lightweight mower that will not damage your yard.


2. We line-trim all the areas on the property including along fences, around posts, trees, and curbs.


3.  We will edge the sidewalks, driveways, and curbs with a metal blade edger. We are careful to not damage your concrete.


4.  Upon the completion of servicing your lawn, we will clean up all of the grass clippings on the property.

Get your yard under control with our seasonal services which include:

1. Gutter cleaning

2. Leaf removal

3. Mulching

4. Hedge trimming

5. Landscaping

The price you pay is determined by the services needed and the square footage of your lawn.
If we are servicing your property, we ensure that objects such as toys are placed safely out of the way before we begin. We will also refill your dog's water bowl if we notice it needs fresh water. We keep all gates closed, and we show up on time.

We guarantee quality work or we fix it FREE, every time!
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